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Golden Rock

Golden Rock Kyaikhtiyo pagoda known as the “Golden Rock” Pagoda is located in the town called Kyaikhto in Mon State which is about four hours drive from Yangon. It is one of the touristy spots and famous destination in Myanmar. The pagoda is special in a way of its steep winding road on the uphill to the top of the mountain to reach the Pagoda campus from its “Kin Pun” base camp. People find it extraordinary that the huge “Golden Rock” perches on the edge of the top of a boulder for years without anything to hold the balance of its position. There is a small stupa on top of the Golden Rock covered in gold leaves and it has been said that the hair of Lord Buddha is enshrined inside the stupa.
For Myanmar people and all the Buddhists, this Golden Rock pagoda is a revered and scared place where all the Buddhists must go and pay homage at least once in their lifetime. From the Kin Pun base camp to the top of the mountain, there is a well-beaten path to climb up the hills. People can go up with the cars with expert drivers who have years of experience in travelling up and down through these winding roads or some pilgrims find it fun to climb up the hills on food by taking some rest at the small tea shops along the mountain. No matter you climb up by car or on foot.
the breathtaking views on top of the mountain makes all the travelers overwhelmed with joy and stunning view so that you will eventually forget about all the tiredness! There are a few more hills and some places worth visiting in the vicinity, too. Many of the local people work as labors to carry the backpacks and luggage of the travellers or carrying some of the travellers in a cot on the way up to the mountain.
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